Still paying cash workers?​​

DotX is a payroll solution so workers without a bank account can receive salaries using bank transfers.

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Manage and pay up to 100,000 workers

DotX payroll software can manage your entire payroll. 

Start by creating a work contract then your worker’s pay will automatically calculate on a daily basis.

Simply approve all amounts at the end of each month and click pay.

No bank account required!

All your workers will receive a unique bank account number without having to open a bank account.

Save time, boost productivity

# No more withdrawing cash
# No more disbursing cash payments

Save money, increase profitability

# Pay workers using electronic bank transfers
# Reduce payroll fraud

Free ATM Card

No monthly, transaction or ATM withdrawal fees​

All your workers receive an ATM card issued by the bank. They can use the ATM card in any ATMs in Indonesia. Using this ATM card, they can do everything such as cash withdrawals, money transfer, pay for bills and much more.

Blockchain security

Private, enterprise blockchain for unparalleled security

Blockchain is secure by design because data are encrypted. Even if a hacker downloads the entire database, it will take 0.65 billion years to decrypt the data using a supercomputer.

An illustration of what an encrypted data looks like

How it works

Payroll Software

Use your existing payroll software or our powerful payroll software to manage your workers payments.

Bank Transfer

We issue all your workers with a bank account number.

Payroll Disbursements

Transfer in one lump sump or transfer to each individual bank accounts.

Worker's ATM & App

Withdraw from ATM'S or use our mobile app to transfer money to any bank account.

DotX Features

Upload XLS Pembayaran Gaji​

(Terintegrasi dengan sistem penggajian Anda)
Rp 0
  • Mampu membayar ribuan karyawan
  • Bayar karyawan unbanked
  • Proses transfer uang di hari yang sama
  • Konfirmasi transaksi melalui SMS

Software Penggajian Dotx​

(Mengelola SDM, Penggajian dan Pembayaran)
Rp 15k Per month
  • Kelola SDM, Penggajian & pembayaran
  • Mampu mengelola ribuan karyawan
  • Kehadiran dengan pengenal wajah
  • kustomisasi Laporan keuangan
  • Sistem penilaian karyawan
  • Konversi rumus excel

Aplikasi Mobile Android Dan iOS

(untuk karyawan)
Rp 0
  • Rekening bank untuk menerima gaji
  • 5 kali penarikan ATM gratis per bulan​
  • 5 kali transfer uang gratis per bulan
  • Gratis kartu ATM
  • Gratis aplikasi mobile

Questions? Look Here.

No. We are not a bank. Your money is secured by the bank. We only provide the payroll software and app.

We are currently in the process of a license application that will allow us to operate in a limited manner.
This information will be disclosed to our corporate customers.

The bank holds all the money.

No, your employees do not need a bank account.

We use the bank’s system so your funds are guaranteed by the bank. 

If the account is hacked, it means the hacker has hacked the bank account. 

When you signup, the price is locked and will not change.

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